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Could you sum up the wonders of the San Daniele del Friuli area in a few words? It is a land of wildflower meadows, rolling hills, country roads winding their way through unblemished natural landscapes, rural villages, medieval castles, old workshops and priceless artistic treasures… Whether you come for a day trip or decide to spend a few days here, it is an outstanding destination with plenty to offer for all visitors.

Food and wine

Food and wine lovers will be in heaven in San Daniele. You can sample exceptional wines that are still made with traditional techniques and left to age in barrels that are decades or even hundreds of years old. Complementing them are specialities such as sausages, risotto with seasonal herbs, cheese, polenta and a rich cake known as gubana. They all help to make visits to the area an original, mouth-watering experience.

Art and culture

Numerous great intellectuals and artists have played a part in the history of San Daniele. The town has them to thank for breathtaking treasures such as the Biblioteca Guarneriana, which is one of the oldest libraries in Italy, and the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, which is famous for its 15th century frescoes. Both Palladio and Pellegrino da San Daniele worked there. The town is steeped in quintessentially Italian flair and its delights can be enjoyed all year round. As well as the spellbinding medieval castle, there are countless squares, courtyards and historic villages just waiting to be discovered in San Daniele and the surrounding area.


Visitors to San Daniele del Friuli can bask in the glory of its welcoming, unspoilt natural surroundings. Storks weave their way through the sky, looking down on the rolling hills and the plain below. Any changes to the landscape by people have always been made carefully and respectfully. The Bagatto ham factory is an integral part of this lovingly preserved area. Every day, it plays a part in its conservation by using the energy from its solar panels and providing electric bike charging stations in its garden. In addition, the company gave the San Daniele community its first drinking water refill station.